ServoBlaster and “The Head”

I’ve been working to create a servo controlled head and a servo controlled robot arm over the past few months and it’s starting to produce pretty encouraging results. I did damage a Pi – not too sure how – so I built a simple buffer board to prevent that happening again.


Some servo extension leads soon made the wiring easier, and it’s great fun to run the head along with espeak handling voice. My next goal is to have it reading RSS news feeds or perhaps the weather.

This version of “The Head” has been made using artist’s foam-core board which is really easy to work with. It’s a polystyrene sheet with a layer of good quality paper on each side. It can be cut with a craft knife and glued together with a glue gun.

Another alternative is a PVC sheet material known as Foamex. It cuts well in a CAM router and it is also possible to cut it with a craft knife or a coping saw.


0 responses to “ServoBlaster and “The Head”

  1. Thanks a lot for showing this design. This is the best ever creation, I have seen with Raspberry PI. Although there were many designs discussed in the Raspberry pi forum, I love robots, therefore I find it quite beautiful.

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