Exeter Raspberry Jam – March 22nd 2014

Robot head, arm and glockenspiel

Demonstrating some servo models and the glockenspiel.

I had another opportunity to attend the Raspberry Jam in Exeter today. Getting all of the bits to the library was a bit of a challenge from the car-park and a few things got damaged. However, it’s great to see what others are doing along with the interest from the general public.
There’s going to be a bit of a break for a couple of months while Exeter Central Library gets its refurbishment, but it sounds like there’s a load of interesting things on the horizon.


Raspberry Pi and a cardboard robot…

This is a little demo of a robot that took a few minutes to make. I had scanned the artwork of a cardboard toy robot kit and then shrunk it to A4. I printed out on thin card (a bit too thin as it happens…) and then shoved in a couple of servos which only just fit.

There’s a simple python program outputting random PWM signals via ServoBlaster.

It’s nothing special, but it might give some inspiration for someone to take further. Perhaps it could really be a Dalek, Wall-E or “Buddy” from Q Pootle 5.

In addition, I’ve created a new version of my ServoBlaster buffer board using a 74HC541 this time. At some stage I’ll post an artwork and circuit diagram.