Exeter Raspberry Jam – March 22nd 2014

Robot head, arm and glockenspiel

Demonstrating some servo models and the glockenspiel.

I had another opportunity to attend the Raspberry Jam in Exeter today. Getting all of the bits to the library was a bit of a challenge from the car-park and a few things got damaged. However, it’s great to see what others are doing along with the interest from the general public.
There’s going to be a bit of a break for a couple of months while Exeter Central Library gets its refurbishment, but it sounds like there’s a load of interesting things on the horizon.


4 responses to “Exeter Raspberry Jam – March 22nd 2014

  1. Hi Ivan,

    Many thanks for giving the laser cut pieces of robot hand. I am so happy like a kid who receives a Christmas gift. It is so kind of you. After completing the robot hand project, I will post about my experience here. I truly enjoy your creations. Last month we all missed you and your beautiful creations. Looking forward to see you in next Jam. Once again many many thanks.

  2. No worries – I’ll see if I can get you a servo controller PCB to solder together at the next event. Sometimes when I etch a board, there’s a bit of space to fit in another. All the best wishes for your plans.

  3. Would love to but I’m presently submerged under GCSE coursework marking up to that point. At some point I’d perhaps like to make some bits available for others to show/demonstrate at their jams. Exeter is about all I can manage at the moment.

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