Another Minecraft tower (or two)

High rise towers from a Python program

Create two high-rise towers with this simple script

This program creates two towers next to each other. They’re rather sparse, having only four windows, an entrance door and a staircase to the top. It’s possible to walk up the staircase although you’ll get pretty dizzy in the process. I need to edit the program to stop it putting a useless staircase right at the top, but other than this it’s quite effective. Perhaps with a little work it would be possible to populate the minecraft world with a whole range of flats – even maybe using random for different heights and positions. Another refinement would be to clear the space it occupies so that you don’t have to remove the trees and landscape from the placement position.

from mcpi import minecraft
import time
mc = minecraft.Minecraft.create()

mc.postToChat("Python is now in control!")

def Tower(x,y,z,height,width):
    mc.setBlocks(x+centre,y,z,x+1+centre,y+1,z,0) #add doorway to front

    for floorheight in range(int(y)-1,int(y+height),4):
        print "Putting in a floor at ",floorheight
        mc.setBlocks(x,floorheight,z,x+width,floorheight,z+width,useblock) #add a floor
        mc.setBlocks(x+3+centre,floorheight,z+centre,x+1+centre,floorheight,z+1+centre,0) #add a hole in the floor

        mc.setBlocks((x+centre)-1,floorheight+2,z,x+1+centre,floorheight+2,z,102) #add window to front
        mc.setBlocks(x,floorheight+2,(z+centre)-1,x,floorheight+2,z+1+centre,102) #add window to right side
        mc.setBlocks((x+centre)-1,floorheight+2,z+width,x+1+centre,floorheight+2,z+width,102) #add window to rear
        mc.setBlocks(x+width,floorheight+2,(z+centre)-1,x+width,floorheight+2,z+1+centre,102) #add window to left side
        for stepheight in range(1,4):
            mc.setBlock(x+stepheight+(width/2),floorheight+stepheight,z+(width/2),67,0) # add an ascending east step block
            mc.setBlock(x+stepheight+(width/2),floorheight+stepheight,z+1+(width/2),67,0) # add an ascending east step block

startx,starty,startz = mc.player.getPos() #get the player's position




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