Underground bunker

The underground bunker

A snapshot of the underground bunker.

Building overground is great… but what about working underground. Those little secret bunkers left over from the cold war that are being turned into dwellings. Here’s a version for minecraft. There are two important variables that set the depth (it’s still there as tower height as a throwback to the last post) and the width. If you go too low (perhaps only to 5 or less) then the stairs don’t work. The torches get placed in funny positions sometimes or end up scattered on the floor. I think it’s to do with the fact that I haven’t put in facing-directions yet, but I’m not sure.

This could be interesting if started not far from a cliff-edge – you could then tunnel in to meet it somewhere. The bunker position is based on where “Steve” is standing at the moment the script is run.

Edited… some of the indenting went wrong last night!

from mcpi import minecraft
import time
mc = minecraft.Minecraft.create()
mc.postToChat("Python is now in control!")
def Bunker(x,y,z,height,width):
    mc.setBlocks(x,y,z,x+width,y+height,z+width,0) #clear the space first
    mc.setBlocks(x,y,z,x+width,y+height,z,useblock) #build a wall
    mc.setBlocks(x,y,z,x,y+height,z+width,useblock) #build a wall
    mc.setBlocks(x+width,y,z,x+width,y+height,z+width,useblock) #build a wall
    mc.setBlocks(x,y,z+width,x+width,y+height,z+width,useblock) #build a wall
    mc.setBlocks(x,y+height,z,x+width,y+height,z+width,42) #add a lid
    mc.setBlocks(x+3+centre,y+height,z+1,x+1+centre,y+height,z+2,0) #add a hole in the floor
    for floorheight in range(int(y)-1,int(y+height)-1,4):
        print "Putting in a floor at ",floorheight
        mc.setBlocks(x,floorheight,z,x+width,floorheight,z+width,17) #add a floor
        mc.setBlocks(x+3+centre,floorheight,z+1,x+1+centre,floorheight,z+2,0) #add a hole in the floor
        mc.setBlocks((x+centre)-1,floorheight+2,z,x+1+centre,floorheight+2,z,50) #add torch to front
        mc.setBlocks(x,floorheight+2,(z+centre)-1,x,floorheight+2,z+1+centre,50) #add torch to right side
        mc.setBlocks((x+centre)-1,floorheight+2,z+width,x+1+centre,floorheight+2,z+width,50) #add torch to rear
        mc.setBlocks(x+width,floorheight+2,(z+centre)-1,x+width,floorheight+2,z+1+centre,50) #add torch to left side
        for stepheight in range(1,4):
            mc.setBlock(x+stepheight+centre,floorheight+stepheight,z+1,67,0) # add an ascending east step block
            mc.setBlock(x+stepheight+centre,floorheight+stepheight,z+2,67,0) # add an ascending east step block
startx,starty,startz = mc.player.getPos() #get the player's position


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