Raspberry Pi Academy (PiCademy)

Raspberry Pi certified educator badge

Did the course, got the badge.

Well… I’ve just returned from the Raspberry Pi Teacher’s Academy… and pleased to say that I’ve passed. Woohoo. What did we achieve in the two days? Loads of things. It was a great chance to meet some of the key players involved with the Raspberry Pi Foundation, a charity that exists to stimulate the development of computing – or something like that.

So, what did we look at?

  • Minecraft programming with David Whale. I had a chance to extend this in my Day 2 project. Sadly I lost a chunk of code prior to the project demonstration, but I had enough remaining to explain GPIO devices controlling the movement of “Steve”.
  • Sonic Pi with Sam Aaron. This piece of software looks amazing. I had a fiddle before and couldn’t get my head around it, but now that I’ve had a chance to see it in action I can clearly see its merits. Perhaps we should all have been on our feet and dancing to Sam’s live DJ/ live coding skills.
  • Hardware and stuff to do with GPIO – Clive Beale and “Big Les”. Used the Raspberry Pi camera board to take selfies in response to pressing a button connected to GPIO. Really impressed with such a tiny board. Clearly I’m going to need to get one – it’ll much more convenient to control from Python than using a regular USB webcam, and the quality is amazing for its cost.
  • Looked at Astro Pi and so many other things with James Robinson. There’s so many possibilities.

…and we got a photograph taken numerous times. Did I mention that they fed us well and entertained us. So many exciting things in such a short space of time. I’m sure that I’ve missed out plenty of things.

I shall be watching the developments of PiCademy and also seeing if I can complete my project based on “The Adventure Game”. Watch this space!

I’m very grateful to the Raspberry Pi Foundation for fitting me in and also giving up so much time outside of the event. We were well lead, well fed and very much encouraged.