Remote monitoring with a Raspberry Pi camera

RPi Camera and Light Source

Raspberry Pi, NOIR camera and home-hacked Infra-red light source.

I’ve used USB cameras with the Raspberry Pi in the past for capturing events – either in response to movement or as a timelapse. I also recently acquired a PI-NOIR camera which works really well with an infrared light source as a baby cam. I’ve installed tinyCAM on my Android phone so that I can use the camera as a baby monitor, but recently I came across “Raspicam” for Android. Looks interesting as it allows control of more functions.

Should be worth a try. I bought an infrared light source from that well-known auction site and it provides a powerful beam of invisible illumination which lights the whole room, especially if it’s bounced off the ceiling. It’s powered by a 12v wall-wart. I’ve encased it in a modified camping light case so that the PCB is a bit more robust. Plenty of hot glue holds the thing together nicely.

The Raspicam App is available on the Google Play store and is demonstrated on Mike Redrobe’s Youtube video.


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