Raspberry Pi Construction Brick Camera

Lego compatible Raspberry Pi case with LEDs, Switch and Piezo Buzzer

Lego compatible Raspberry Pi case with LEDs, Switch and Piezo Buzzer

I recently saw a Raspberry Pi case being sold by CPC which is compatible with Lego construction bricks and decided to get one. Just the sort of thing I’d been looking for in order to extend the experiments that I’d been working on.

In a very short time I’d built a Rasberry Pi selfie-camera with count-down and WiFi capability. Apache handles being able to access the photos remotely whilst ScratchGPIO manages the interfacing and triggering the camera.

Pressing the trigger button causes a gentle beep-beep-beep and flash from the red LED for a couple of seconds, followed by a green flash while the picture is taken.

The raspberry pi case easily handles the camera – it pushes onto two little pegs and the camera lens pokes through where a stud would normally be moulded. It’s so discrete that it wouldn’t be possible to guess it’s there unless known about.

Scratch Program

Scratch Program for the selfie-cam

The programming bit goes around in a loop waiting for the switch to be pressed. When that happens, the camera goes through a loop flashing and beeping, then pulsing the green LED. ScratchGPIO allows a simple “Broadcast Photo” command which works with either a USB or Raspberry Pi camera module. If Apache is set up to allow access to the same folder, then those photos can be viewed remotely.

A quick video should appear here later…


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