Minecraft Molehills?

Here’s a little program for generating random holes in the landscape and automatically putting a candle at the bottom. The idea is that this could be run on the Raspberry Pi running as a server so that other players can have a little fun hunting for them.

I’ve discovered that candles don’t like being put underwater… no surprise there!

Hole generated in Python with a candle at the bottom.

Watch your step – a deep hole created by the python program.

Screenshots have been created following the instructions at Raspberry Pi – Spy.

from mcpi import minecraft
import time
import random
mc = minecraft.Minecraft.create()

mc.postToChat("Python is now in control!")

def Molehole(x,y,z,depth):
    mc.setBlocks(x,y+40,z,x+0,y-depth,z+0,0) #clear the space first
    mc.setBlock(x,y-depth,z,50) #Put a candle at the bottom of the tunnel  

for loop in range(20):
    startx = random.randint(-120,120)
    startz = random.randint(-120,120)
    starty = 0

RPi Kitchen elsewhere…

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