Raspberry Pi Pico

Well.. it has been a long time since the last post here. I’m still using Raspberry Pi computers and in particular I’m writing this on my pi-topCEED.

I recently bought a couple of Raspberry Pi Pico boards. I didn’t know what to expect, particularly as I have no experience of micropython, but the first impressions are very good. I can’t fault the price – it comes in at less than a Pi Nano and for much of the basic control that I wanted, it looks ideal. It supports NeoPixel style LEDs, LED arrays, a little RTC board that I’d acquired a while back and servos. Cheaper than my usual microcontroller go-to IC, with on-board USB socket for power and download.

I’ve used “Thonny” with the add-in for the Pico, and that works fine, but I’m also experimenting with “BIPES” https://bipes.net.br/beta2/ui/ which seems to offer a good range of facilities. I’m having a couple of issues with variables, but I’m sure that it will soon be sorted.

BIPES is a Blockly-type of programming language, which suits anyone who has learnt Scratch, with the advantage that it supports all sorts of inputs and outputs connecting to those rows of holes or pins down the side of the board.

Watch this space for my experiments!


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