This site contains project ideas related to the Raspberry Pi. I’ve been experimenting with this Linux Single Board computer for a few years now, with a particular interest in connecting simple electronics to it and seeing what results.

The UK south-west peninsula.


Use Python and Minecraft together. Write programs that control the way Minecraft operates. Go to the Minecraft page.

Scratch Script for controlling the motors

Scratch Programming

Scratch programming is useful in its own right, but when coupled with ScratchGPIO on the Raspberry Pi, all sorts of projects can be created. I’ve been using it to control simple robots, modified Lego bricks and even a moving head. Go to the Scratch page.

Picture of Python code

Python Programming

The ideal programming language for more complex programs. I use the GPIO module to access the GPIO ports and then also link to Servoblaster (servod) to control servos. Go to the Python page.

Circuit diagram showing the PIR connected to the GPIO


Here you’ll find simple circuits for sensors and outputs controlled by the Raspberry Pi. Go to the Electronics page.

Slot-together-case (7)Computer Aided Design / Computer Aided Manufacture

Most of the practical projects are cut out on a Denford Microrouter that I have access to. Here you’ll find details of the projects and possibly inspiration for your own. Go to the CADCAM page.

This robot is made of foamed PVC board, cut on a CAM router and assembled with hot glue.


Connect servos and electronic devices to the Raspberry Pi and very soon you’ll end up with a robot. Find out more here! Go to the Robotics page.

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